H1Z1 To Host Free-to-Play Week from Dec. 14th - 21st

For the first time in its history, H1Z1 will be hosting a "Free Week," where gamers interested in the title can try it out. Running from December 14th, until December 21st, everyone with a Steam account can download H1Z1, and play the full game, all modes, with no restrictions. Additionally, all progress players make is saved to their Steam accounts - meaning if players decide to purchase H1Z1 after the week is done, all they've done will be saved.

Additionally, Wreck the Halls is here! H1Z1 will be giving away special cosmetic items, to celebrate the holiday season! Each week, if a player manages to place Top 30 in a special Event Match, they will be able to acquire one piece of a special set of clothes.

Special game modes for Wreck the Halls are Shotties & Snipers, Weapon Roulette, and Swagnum Opus - each one running for a limited time!

In Swagnum Opus, all players will spawn with a golden magnum and a single golden bullet that will kill another player with one shot, even through armor! You can find additional golden bullets in air drops or try to kill other players with your backup weapon: a crossbow that shoots fireworks.

Week 1 of Wreck the Halls is already over, and the chance to get a Festive Puffy Jacket has passed. However, H1Z1's Free Week will line up with Week 2 of Wreck the Halls, allowing newcomers to enjoy Weapon Roulette, and work towards earning the "Festive Military" outfit piece.