Heavy Gear Assault Finally Launches On Steam Early Access


Following an odd two-week delay, Heavy Gear Assault officially went live on Steam Early Access earlier today. The mech combat game is launching on Steam with the release of a patch that enables the in-game market and locks off mechs for players that have not purchased them.

MekTek Studios and Stompy Bot Productions expect that Heavy Gear Assault will be in an Early Access state for another year; the current goal is to release the game in December 2017. Over the course of Early Access, the team intends to add a Market module, a Melee module, an A.I. module, a Corporate module, an eSports module, a VR module, the first Mission for the Single-player and Co-op PvE module, and an assortment of new Gears, maps, and weapons.

Heavy Gear Assault is available now on Steam Early Access for $39.99, temporarily discounted to $33.99 for the week of launch. If you signed up for the newsletter earlier this month in hopes of getting a free Steam key, check your email. I can confirm that I got my key earlier today.