Last Oasis Will Be Launching On The Xbox In Q1 2021, Full Wipe Scheduled For November 22

last oasis xbox season 2 announce bannerDonkey Crew has just announced their plans to launch Last Oasis On Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S in the first quarter of 2021 with full cross-play support. According to the studio’s official announcement on Steam, players on both PC and the Xbox consoles will be able to play together on both official and private servers.

“Whether you prefer keyboard and mouse or a trusty controller, you'll be able to experience the game equally and with fully synchronized updates across the board,” said Donkey Crew.

The team also announced the start of Season 2 and a full wipe coming on November 22nd. The wipe will include both official and private servers and will allow the devs to introduce changes from the Beta Branch to the live version of the game.

“Beta Branch will be closed for the time being, but we'll likely bring it back later on, as it proved to be very useful when it comes to testing and feature iteration. As promised, private servers will also be allowed to host multi-tile realms once the update is live,” the studio said.