Massive Project Genom Update Now Live On The PTS

project genom world screenNeuronhaze announced last Friday that they will be releasing a major update for Project Genom on the public test servers. And by major, we mean an overhaul of nearly every existing system in the game. That day has finally come and the devs are eager to get some much-needed feedback from would-be testers.

“Hello, friends! Before we traditionally report on the work we’ve done over the last week, we’d like to mention that today we’ve got the PTS servers updated. This update is a major overhaul of the previous version. We’ve changed literally everything; therefore, literally, everything requires testing. Our testers spent a lot of time and gave us an exhaustive feedback on the previous PTS version. They encountered a wide variety of errors from minor visual flaws to critical game crashes. We took all information into account, did a lot of work, remastered the entire network part of the project, integrated a new database, added new mechanics and disabled some completely inoperative ones, got rid of all the old bugs and surely added new ones. We’d like to emphasize that this update is still an early alpha and a testing ground that lacks a lot of mechanics and may include critical errors. This update shouldn’t be seen as a reason for purchasing the game but as a reason for all who love testing to enter the PTS and help us fix all possible flaws. Once it is done, we'll upload this version to the main game servers. We thank you in advance!”

Unfortunately, the current PTS version is only available in Russian, at least for the time-being. “Localization is currently not available due to some technical issues as well as constant editing and proofreading that in-game texts go through as the fact that we’ve changed some features of the game,” says Neuronhaze. “We’ll add the English localization for the PTS version as soon as possible.”

You'll find the full patch notes on the Project Genom official forums.