Project Genom Is Working On A Major Update Which Will Soon Be Launching On The PTS

project genom inventory maleProject Genom developer NeuronHaze are working on a major update which they’ll be rolling out on the public test servers sometime in the near future. A definite date, however, has yet to be announced.

“Our team is actively working on the project and aims at finalizing it. We’d very much like to name the date of the major PTS update, but we don’t want to delude and disappoint you in case some significant technical issue occurs. We definitely will name the date of the new PTS version launch beforehand, but most likely we’ll do it right before the update, so check out the latest news and feel free to torment Bagamut, our community manager, with your questions in Discord! :)”

The upcoming patch will feature the completed progression system which will include the ability to earn progression points when doing in-game actions such as firing a weapon or taking damage. The patch will also introduce an improved quest reward system, new Mastery branches, a new item – the Shield Generator, and a more optimized game world.

We’ll let you know as we learn more about the upcoming patch. You can also head over to the Project Genom Steam Community Page for more info.