Project Genom Dives Deep Into Their Crafting System

project genom world purpleNeuronHaze recently published an in-depth forum post explaining the soon-to-be-implemented crafting system in their upcoming sci-fi sandbox MMO Project Genom. The lengthy forum post talks about the entire crafting process, from gathering materials all the way to crafting itself.

Gathering materials can be done by picking them up manually, using a special tool, drilling, processing mob corpses, trading, and splitting resources to collect their essence. Aside from materials, players also need to learn recipes from Blueprints which can be purchased from NPCs, traded with other players, or obtained as monster drops and quest rewards.

Once players have learned the required blueprints and obtained the required materials, they can then start crafting by accessing crafting terminals found in settlements or in the players’ hangars. The higher the terminal’s level, the higher the chance of crafting high quality items.

If you like doing the math, the forum post goes on to explain the formulas used for determining crafting chance, item quality, item stats, and bonuses.

“Making the crafting process interesting and the result diverse was our primary goal. We changed many features of the crafting system being influenced by your discussions on our forums, and we’d be very glad to hear your thoughts on these new features once again. What would you like to see in this system? What should we improve? What aspects, in your opinion, can cause problems? We’re waiting for your feedback.”

“We’d also like to point out that our team has created this material to help all the players get acquainted with the general concept of crafting,” warns the team. “Some specific features or conditions, as well as the numerical parameters indicated in this material may change by the time the craft system is introduced or during its testing.”

Project Genom is currently in Early Access on Steam. Check out gameplay footage from the devs after the break. You can also head over to the Project Genom official forums or the weekly newsletter for more info.