Project Genom Dives Deep Into Their Crafting System

project genom world purple

NeuronHaze recently published an in-depth forum post explaining the soon-to-be-implemented crafting system in their upcoming sci-fi sandbox MMO Project Genom. The lengthy forum post talks about the entire crafting process, from gathering materials all the way to crafting itself. Gathering materials can be done by picking them up manually, using a special tool, drilling, processing mob corpses, trading, and splitting [...]

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Dying Early Access Games: Fragmented & Project Genom

I have been an Early Access winner, backing games that found the right combination of elements to become massive successes, even while still wearing their "pre-alpha" nametag. Doesn't happen often. Doesn't happen much at all. Most Early Access titles die with a whimper, and today, I'm watching two games I backed slip into obscurity and irrelevance, Project Genom and Fragmented. [...]

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Project Genom Returns To Sale On Steam

In spite of prior claims, Project Genom has returned to sale on Steam after only a few days' absence. While no details have been given about how the DMCA request was handled, it looks like Neuronhaze has been declared the victor of this round. If all they had done was filed a counter claim, the game would have been offline [...]

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