NCSoft Unveils Lineage Eternal Remake Trailer "Project TL"

As we reported a few months ago, Lineage Eternal has been scrapped almost entirely and is being remade using Unreal Engine 4. There's also an entirely new team at NCSoft working on bringing the third mainline Lineage game to life. NCSoft unveiled a new trailer for Project TL this week showing off some gameplay and trying to re-build some lost hype.

Check it out below:

NCSoft has stated that players should view Project TL as an entirely new game rather than just a simple re-work of Lineage Eternal. While some gameplay elements like Siege are still in Project TL, the game uses an entirely new engine, new art assets, and the multi-character control system has been removed in favor of a more traditional single character MMORPG system.

Most importantly though, it looks like Project TL is focused on actually releasing. A closed beta is scheduled to begin sometime in 2018. No word on whether the cross-platform play between mobile and PC is going to still be a key objective though. I suspect it won't.