New Event Bosses Are Coming To Blade And Soul When Legends Reborn Kicks Off On April 10th

blade and soul inferno songguiNew event dungeons will be popping up in the Shackled Isles when the Blade and Soul Legends Reborn event kicks off next week. From April 10th - May 8th, players will be able to take on The Lord of the Inferno and the Sacred Longgui, a giant dragon turtle, for a chance to earn exclusive achievements, titles, and other rewards.

"New event dungeons will test your stamina and skill. Defeat the Sacred Longgui – a giant dragon turtle – in the Ring of Reckoning. Plus, challenge the Lord of the Inferno in Desolate Mausoleum or the even more intense Unleashed Lord of the Inferno in Burning Mausoleum. Emerge victorious by overcoming varying levels of difficulty and you will earn unique titles and achievements, as well as Legendary Orbs and Resurgence Emblems that can be redeemed for amazing rewards."

Players will also have the chance to snap up even more rewards, including unique costumes, by taking part in the Bloomtime Jackpot event. The Jackpot will be available for free from the Hongmoon Store for the duration of the Legends Reborn event. The Jackpot will be limited to one per account.

The event patch also introduces a number of system and item changes into the game. The upcoming changes include the high-awaited skill balances, lower dungeon and raid difficulties, new Reward Selection chests, and much more.

Head over to the Blade and Soul official site for more details.