Nomadic Survival MMO Last Oasis Launches Into Early Access In Spring, Closed Beta Signups Now Open

last oasis female nomadIf you haven’t gotten your fill of post-apocalyptic survival sandbox MMOs, then here’s another one for you. Last Oasis is an upcoming “Nomadic Survival MMO” where players build walking mobile bases, create and join clans, and fight and scavenge for resources as they try to outrun the scorching heat of the sun.

“Thousands of years in the future, after a cataclysmic event has halted the Earth’s rotation and destroyed the moon, the planet is now split into two extreme and inhospitable environments. The side that faces the sun is an arid wasteland and the other has been thrown into eternal ice and darkness. The only habitable area is the Twilight zone; a small strip of land between desert and ice, moving slowly around the Earth as the planet rotates around the sun. A day now lasts a year and in order to survive, the remnants of humanity have built a large walking city, Flotilla. Outside of the city, warring clans fight tooth and nail in a battle of survival as they clash over resources, territory and alliances in this unforgiving new world. Every day, Flotilla sends both willing and unwilling nomads into the passing Oases to gather necessary resources to keep the city walking. Not many return alive.”

One of the game’s key features are its Walkers, large wood-punk inspired machines that players use for travelling, harvesting, base-building, and combat. Clan Warfare is also a big part of the game. “In Last Oasis, Clan Warfare fuels the economy, the economy encourages traders, traders encourage piracy, pirates encourage mercenaries...” says Project Lead Florian Hofreither. “Everything is designed to be interconnected, players affect other players with their actions, often without even knowing it. This leads to a meaningful, evolving world and real player-driven stories.”

Last Oasis is scheduled to launch into Steam Early Access in Spring although Closed Beta signups are now open for those who want first dibs on the game. Watch the official game trailer right after the jump. You can also check out the game’s official Steam Page for more info. And, jump!