A Mount In Mobile Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Sells For $60,000

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, the mobile version of Ragnarok Online, launched its cash shop auction house a little less than a week ago and its already breaking new records. A day after the auction house launched several items sold for over $5,000 but a new auction broke all records today when the Key of Heaven mount sold for 360,000 Big Cat Coins (BCC). BCC can be purchased in the game's cash shop at an exchange ratio of $1 = 6 BCC, which means this Key of Heaven mount sold for ~$60,000:

Interestingly, the game isn't selling these items directly to players. Instead, they're being auctioned off by other players in the game, which I view as a more fair approach to monetization.

Other incredibly high priced items that sold this last week:

  • Clock Tower Manager Card sold for 5,136 BCC to rsnick (TH155)
  • Golden Thief Bug Card sold for 110,956 BCC to Pupushii (EN12)
  • Deviling Card sold for 19,633 BCC to Trisakti (EN9)
  • Goblin Leader Card sold for 59,035 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Maya Card sold for 22,528 BCC to YOUEX8 (TH83)
  • Kobold Leader Card sold for 69,896 BCC to Winzza (ID43)
  • Mistress Card sold for 8,176 BCC to Selvaria (ID32)
  • Moonlight Flower Card sold for 92,880 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Eddga Card sold for 82,861 BCC to Winzza (ID43)

Remember, the exchange rate is $1 = 6 BCC, so the Eddga card sold for a whopping $13,810 while the Kobold Leader Card sold for $11,649. The Golden Thief Bug Card sold for a whopping $18,492.

Cards can be obtained in game by anyone, but the chance of one dropping are extremely low. The drop rate in Ragnarok Online (the PC version) was 0.01% and I suspect the mobile version has similar or even lower drop rates. The most valuable cards are dropped from bosses which can take quite a bit of time to kill as well.

As a longtime fan of the PC version of Ragnarok Online, I'm eagerly waiting for the global English release on January 8, 2019.