Riders of Icarus Launching Rise of the Trickster Update On July 6th

Riders of Icarus will be launching its upcoming update Rise of the Trickster on July 6th. The two most notable features of the update are the introduction of the new Trickster class and an increase in level cap to 60. The update will likely coincide with the official launch of Riders of Icarus from open beta to full launch. Other notable aspects of the update include several new zones and new familiars. Players who reach level 15 or higher on any character before June 30th will get a free Rise of the Trickster Launch Pack. See the official trailer for the update below:

Riders of Icarus originally launched on Steam on July 6, 2016. The game still attracts a sizable audience and averages a bit over 1,000 concurrent users at any given time on Steam alone.

Learn more over at the Riders of Icarus Rise of the Trickster Microsite.