Riders Of Icarus Gears Up For December Events, New Mounts, And Fenris Awakening

riders of icarus blockchain mmorpg frost mage

Riders of Icarus is planning to put up its holiday decorations ahead of the pack when tomorrow’s patch rolls out on the live servers. The update will also set the stage for various in-game events happening in the blockchain MMORPG next month, including an ICA Day event scheduled for December 3rd along with a new daily login campaign and writ merchant rewards.

The patch notes also teases the arrival of Fenris Weapon Awakening, new mounts, a cash shop update, PCO currency, and a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale which will run from November 23rd to November 30th. Players can also expect several bug fixes and tweaks which includes the removal of the Chaos Blacksmith quest and adjustments to the Fence Farm buff.

Meanwhile, the RIA token is now virtually devoid of all value with no signs that it will be able to recover. God speed!