Riders of Icarus: Dawn Of The Magician Now Live

riders of icarus dawn of the magicianThe Dawn of the Magician update has just rolled out for Riders of Icarus. From the name of the update you could probably guess what's new to the game. Yes, the highly-awaited Magician class has finally made its way to Nexon’s fantasy flying MMORPG.

“The most tragic feeling of all is being unable to become what you were told you were destined to do. For some of the Shalings, this has always been the case. Introducing! New Class update from Riders of Icarus. Let us all welcome, Magician!”

The Magician class plays just like your typical RPG mage with a whole new lineup of skills that allows them to deal massive damage to individual mobs or CC using their arsenal of AoE skills. Nexon is also celebrating the launch of the new class with an event called Race to Glory.

“A Perfect Welcoming event for our new class, Magician. Let's start this race by making a Magician class of your own. Prepare for combat and don't be an easy target. Level up your way to bring glory to your own and receive more rewards upon achieving Victory.”

There are a total of five events for Magicians as well as other classes including a race to get your Magician to max level. There’s also a race to kill 100 Magicians in PvP or be killed 100 times by one which is a whole lot easier in my book. Check out the Riders of Icarus official site for more info.