Riders Of Icarus Lets Players Create Their Tricksters In Advance, Gives Away Launch Packs

riders of icarus tricksterThe Trickster class is set to make its debut in Riders of Icarus when the aptly named Rise of the Trickster update goes live on July 6th. If you’re keen on taking on mobs with a winged Loli, you can now pre-create your Trickster, reserve your name, and choose your server ahead of the update's launch and will be able to do so up until the updates goes live. The six-character account limit, however, still applies and you won’t be able to pre-create your character unless you have an available slot even if the game tells you that you can purchase an additional character slot.

Nexon will also be giving out Trickster Launch Packs to players who register until June 30th. The pack includes a permanent legendary mount, a permanent weapons skin, a 30-day cosmetic wing, 7 days of premium service, and a bunch of other in-game items.

Watch the Trickster class in action in the video below, or head over to the Riders of Icarus official site for more info. Don’t forget to register for your Trickster Launch Packs here.