Riders Of Icarus Rewards Players For Reporting Exploiters

riders of icarus dragon huntNexon is deputizing the Riders of Icarus community and giving them the power to mete out vigilante justice with their “Bounty for the Hunter” program. The program aims to crackdown on exploiters and reward players who report them.

Reporters get a bag full of in-game goodies which includes a military-style Matini Uniform, which oddly enough looks like a German WWII officer’s uniform. Players will also get a Blessed Elite Tempering Stone, a 5-pack Lvl 220 Elite Tempering Stone, 10 Catnips, and 5 10-pack Daily Elluns. Reported players on the other hand get a one-week ban and will have their equipment reset.

Of course, simply reporting someone isn’t going to cut it. If two players report the same player, only the first reporter gets the reward. False reports are also punishable with a 3-day ban so be sure to get your facts straight before ratting them out. Check out the full mechanics on the Riders of Icarus official site.

riders of icarus matini uniform