SpatialOS VP Says Platform Can Support 20K Concurrent Players In A Seamless World

worlds adrift tropical grass bannerSpatialOS launched in 2012 with the mission to “Create Previously Impossible Games”. Improbable’s innovative cloud-based computing platform has given developers the ability to create large, persistent, real-time virtual worlds which can support thousands of players at the same time.

The platform is already widely in use by MMOs such as Worlds Adrift, Chronicles of Elyria, and Seed. In an interview with New World Notes at GDC 2019, Improbable VP of Product Paul Thomas says that their short term goal is to support “all kinds of games” and not just single-shard MMOs simply because single shard MMOs aren’t as popular with Western gamers as they are with Asian gamers. “In the Eastern regions, massive interest there, but in the Western regions, yeah, it tends to be more session-based type games,” says Thomas. In fact, Seed is the only single-shard MMO that makes full use of SpatialOS.

Battle Royale game Mavericks also uses SpatialOS to support their 1000-man persistent world matches. If you’re still doubting the platform’s capabilities, Thomas says that they were able to support 20,000 players in a low-fidelity seamless world during a recent test with a single-shard MMO.

“That's an indicative example - you could optimize in different ways, but that number would allow you to offer a you a recognizable MMORPG experience. [. . .] To provide some context, while a 'Realm' in a traditional MMO might have thousands of players (who would be the players allocated to that shard), the seamless area you could see and interact with on a single server architecture would likely be limited to a few hundred connected users maximum. The comparable unit for New World Notes' purposes would be a 'sim' - the area in Second Life which you can interact with directly.”

Check out the full interview below.