Crytek Partners With Improbable To Integrate CRYENGINE And SpatialOS, New AAA Game Announced

crytek improbable partnership

A few weeks ago, Improbable and Unity got into a dispute over licensing agreements and SpatialOS’s integration with the Unity Engine. A number of developers were affected by the fallout including Bossa Studios and their sandbox game Worlds Adrift. The event prompted Epic Games to team up with Improbable, pledging a boatload of cash to help out developers who were affected by the Improbable Unity squabble and developers who will be affected by similar events in the future.

Improbable and Unity have since made-up with Unity reinstating Improbable’s license and Improbable promising lifetime support for Unity. Another company however has decided to join the Improbable/Epic crusade. In a recent press release, Crytek announced that they will be working together with Improbable towards CRYENGINE and SpatialOS integration.

“Crytek is happy to join Epic Games and Improbable in reaffirming our commitment to giving game developers the best combination of engine and games technology, supported by empowering standards that work for everyone.

Crytek is committed to making solutions available to its developers that allow them to create unique interactive experiences, while respecting their freedom of choice of tools and services.

With that in mind, Crytek is planning to work closely with Improbable to create a fully-featured SpatialOS Game Development Kit for CRYENGINE for its forthcoming titles. Progress has already been made on this, and CRYENGINE developer Automaton has created its own open source integration with SpatialOS for its forthcoming 1000-player battle royale title Mavericks: Proving Grounds.”

Crytek and Improbable take their partnership a step further with the announcement that they will be working on a new AAA game which will be developed using CRYENGINE and SpatialOS. “We’re doing this for one reason: we love games and game development,” says Crytek. “We’re excited about the possibilities for developers offered by SpatialOS and its next-generation multiplayer gameplay.” Both companies have yet to reveal the details of the project.