Crytek Partners With Improbable To Integrate CRYENGINE And SpatialOS, New AAA Game Announced

crytek improbable partnership

A few weeks ago, Improbable and Unity got into a dispute over licensing agreements and SpatialOS’s integration with the Unity Engine. A number of developers were affected by the fallout including Bossa Studios and their sandbox game Worlds Adrift. The event prompted Epic Games to team up with Improbable, pledging a boatload of cash to help out developers who were [...]

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Warface is a 3D first-person tactical shooter developed by Crytek that was released in 2013. It features gameplay similar to the Battlefield and Call of Duty series, with different classes that perform specific roles and a focus on team-based multiplayer game modes. Publisher: Crytek Playerbase: Medium Type: FPS Release Date: October 21, 2013 Pros: +Good amount of weapon variety. +Varied [...]

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Crytek Backs New Cryptocurrency Project CryCash

Hoping to cash in on the trending cryptocurrency craze led by Bitcoin, Crytek is backing a new project called CryCash. CryCash is billed as an "independent decentralized ecosystem of products for gamers fueled by an all-new gamer-centric cryptocurrency". The ICO (initial coin offering) for CryCash started on December 12 and runs to January 15. Like most ICOs, CryCash is built [...]

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Until Recently, Crytek Shanghai Was Open And Unpaid

You may remember that, back in December 2016, Crytek announced that it would be closing five of its studios after being unable to pay its employees for several months. At the time, it was rumored that, despite many others shutting down, Crytek Shanghai would remain open and turn its attention towards Crytek's VR efforts. Earlier today, Niko Partners Industry Analyst [...]

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