Tencent's King of Glory Mobile MOBA Making $435M a MONTH

Tencent's 5v5 mobile MOBA King of Glory (also translated as Honor of Kings and called Strike of Kings in the U.S.) is a resounding success. In fact if current revenue trends continue it will quickly become the most successful video game ever. According to an analyst at BOC International, King of Glory will contribute about 50% of the Tencent's mobile gaming revenues in 2017 and It made about 3 billion Yuan in gross revenue in April, 2017 ($435M). Just to add some context to this number, League of Legends is the highest revenue generating PC game in the world with about $1.6B in revenue in 2016. If Tencent's King of Glory can maintain its momentum it'll do close to $5 billion in 12 months. For some additional context, World of Warcraft makes about $814M a year.

As-is all signs point to continued growth for the game. Since the game first launched it's consistently been the most streamed game on Douyu (China's version of Twitch) beating out League of Legends and Dota 2. In addition, King of Glory has remained the highest grossing IOS game in China since it launched and also remains its most downloaded app according to Appannie. Those interested in checking the game out will be able to in English soon, as it's getting localized for a Western release as "Strike of Kings". See the official Strike of Kings website here. To see what the game is all about check out my First look video:

Source: Bloomberg, Tencent Earning Report