The Secret World Mysteriously Reappears On GameStop’s Digital Shelves

the secret world supernatural mmorpg original key art

Funcom’s The Secret World has suddenly re-appeared on digital shelves after the studio stopped selling the game way back in 2018. Note that this is the original 2012 MMORPG and not the Secret World Legends remake.

According to a Reddit post, the game once again available for purchase on Amazon and GameStop. We couldn’t find a listing for the game on Amazon but it’s definitely back on sale on GameStop’s website for $29.99.

Oddly enough, there has been no official announcement from Funcom, the studio’s official site, the official forums, and even on the Secret World Legends Steam page. Although the game’s reappearance might have something to do with the fact that it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary next week.

Until we get official confirmation from Funcom we’ll never know whether the game will be on sale permanently or if it’s just going to be a limited time thing, so if you’re looking to buy it now would probably be a good time.

The Secret World GDC 2011 Trailer