Ultima Online’s Previously Delayed New Legacy Shard Is Expected To Launch This Summer

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Ultima Online’s New Legacy alternate ruleset server was initially scheduled to launch in time for the classic MMORPG’s 25th anniversary back in September but was unfortunately delayed due to “personal matters” that several members of the dev team had to handle.

After several months, Broadsword Entertainment reports that it’s still working on the New Legacy shard but it looks like its made headway towards its release. According to the studio, it’s now looking to open the server by this summer. “With 2022 behind us we are working hard to get an Alpha NLS open by the middle of the year,” writes Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong. “I realize we have been quiet but know we are working hard on getting this up and running to provide you guys with a new shard to play on.”

Armstrong also maintains that they have no plans to make New Legacy a pure “classic” server and won’t be opening one anytime soon. “What we are doing is taking a sprinkle of the old with some glitter of new content to make a unique experience when you play the seasons.”

“Since its release in 1997, Ultima Online has stood the test of time as one of the most venerable MMORPG’s ever. The adventures were limitless in this new sandbox world. There were glorious victories, and crushing defeats – and relationships made with friends all over the globe that would span decades. With Ultima Online: New Legacy, we want to rekindle that magic for generations old and new.”

She also revealed plans to add Valentine’s goodies next month, kick off a summer solstice event in July, and introduce new veteran rewards including the fishing pole, salvager, and workbench.