Ultima Online Teases New Surname And Heraldry System Coming To New Legacy Servers

ultima online gathering bannerBack in September, Broadsword Online Games announced a new Ultima Online shard aimed at new players called New Legacy. New Legacy will feature a simpler ruleset with seasonal time limits designed to slowly acclimatize new players to the game’s complex mechanics and help them transition to one of the regular shards.

Over the past few weeks, the studio has been dropping previews of some of New Legacy’s features including the server’s weather and climate systems. This week’s newsletter dives into another of the server’s new features – the Legacy system.

“One of the core features of Ultima Online: New Legacy is our brand new legacy system! This system consists of several in-game items that will help forge your new Britannian Legacy! Players will be able to select a unique family surname to identify their characters for generations to come! One of the ways to showcase your family surname will be with Heraldry Banners. Heraldry Banners come with a number of customizable options including shape, color, and sigil!”

The developers are also currently running the month-long Forest of the Dark event and have announced a one-time reprieve for banned accounts. The amnesty applies to all accounts that have been banned for one year or more except those banned for racial slurs, duping, code fraud, or staff impersonation.

You can check out the latest Ultima Online newsletter here.