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Forsaken World Mobile

Forsaken World Mobile is a free-to-play, open world fantasy MMORPG on mobile devices with high quality graphics, point-and-click mixed with action combat, a huge persistent world, lots of quests, and beginner-friendly auto-move and auto-attack options. The game is based on the PC MMORPG, Forsaken World, but is a separate game with its own servers.

Publisher: Fedeen Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: July 23, 2015
Shut Down Date: July 31, 2018
Pros: +High quality graphics. +Truly open world. +Lots of quests. +In-depth enhancement and mount system.
Cons: -Some pay to win elements. -Gameplay feels too automated.


Forsaken World Mobile Overview

Forsaken World Mobile is a 3D open world MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Fedeen Games, the publishers of Dawn of the Immortals and Elemental Kingdoms. Experience a fully open, persistent world filled with NPCs, players, and monsters at every corner. Take to the skies as you fly through the beautiful world in the game’s automatic flight system. Play with friends and strangers from around the world in both PVE and intense real-time PVP. Feast your eyes on high quality graphics and colorful visuals. Complete hundreds of quests and embark on a journey to save the world from evil. Train and ride a large variety of unique mounts and choose from 5 different classes (Warrior, Assassin, Kindred, Mage, Cleric). Join a guild, fight through dungeons, and make a name for yourself in Forsaken World Mobile.

Forsaken World Mobile Key Features:

  • Large Open World – Experience a fully open, persistent world full of NPCs, towns, monsters, players, and varied environments.
  • Five Classes to Choose From – Play as a Warrior, Assassin, Kindred, Mage, or Cleric, all of which have unique abilities, equipment, and playstyles.
  • High Quality Graphics – Witness top notch graphics with colorful environments, well-crafted monster, character, and equipment designs, and a lively fantasy world.
  • Mount System – Collect a variety of different mounts, upgrade them to obtain stat bonuses, and ride them to get around the large world quickly.
  • In-depth Equipment Enhancement – Upgrade a variety of equipment via five enhancement options: Enhance, Polish, Recharge, Gem Embed, and Transfer.
  • Dungeons – Fight through a variety of dungeons with 4 different difficulties (Normal, Hard, Heroic, and Hell) alone or in a party for gold, experience, and a chance at obtaining rare equipment.

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Full Review

Forsaken World Mobile Review

By, Herman Y.

Forsaken World Mobile is a free-to-play, 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) and published by Fedeen Games, a mobile game publisher owned by PWE. Forsaken World Mobile is based on the PC MMORPG, Forsaken World, which was released in December 2012 by PWE and still has a fairly active playerbase. Forsaken World Mobile is one of the few truly open world MMORPGs on mobile devices and is similar to Order & Chaos Online in terms of map size. It soft launched in Canada for a few weeks before it finally launched globally on July 23, 2015 after much hype and anticipation. Although Forsaken World Mobile is, without a doubt, a high quality game, it does have its fair share of drawbacks that will disappoint a lot of players. However, the game does do a lot of things right that help counteract these flaws.

Classes and Character Creation

Upon starting the game, players can choose from 5 different classes (with a new Scythe class currently in development). These classes are gender-locked and include a male Warrior, male Assassin, female Kindred, female Mage, and female Cleric. Warriors are frontline warriors fitted in plate armor with heavy two-handed weapons and boasts high defense and average attack power. They have a good number of single-target and AOE skills and some of their abilities can debuff their opponents. Assassins are silent and deadly strikers with high attack power and average defense. They have quick attack speed with skills that can attack multiple times and their abilities have a high chance of critically striking and silencing enemies. Kindreds are a unique, cross-wielding vampire class with average attack power, defense, and healing. They are a ranged and melee hybrid that have many AOE skills as well as abilities that can both damage enemies and heal themselves. Mages are powerful sorcerers with the highest attack power but low defense. They have a large arsenal of fire and ice-related AOE spells that can decimate, burn, and freeze their foes. Finally, Clerics are divine healers with average damage, low defense, and the highest amounts of healing. They have many healing spells to heal both themselves and allies and abilties that can damage and slow or stun enemies. Each class is unique and has different playstyles, skills, and equipment. The biggest con with Forsaken World Mobile’s Character Creation is that the classes are gender-locked and there is absolutely zero appearance customization, which is a disappointment coming from Perfect World Entertainment, a company known for having high amounts of appearance customization in their PC MMORPGs.

The Open World of Forsaken World

Forsaken World Mobile is one of the few mobile MMORPGs with a truly open world. Mobile MMORPGs such as Avabel Online and Dawn of the Immortals have open areas but are zone-based and not seamless to move through. The only other mobile MMORPGs with truly open and seamless worlds are Order & Chaos Online and Celtic Heroes. After completing the tutorial, players are thrown into a large city full of other players and NPCs to talk to. Cities and towns are fully persistent and so are the open fields outside of town, with no loading screens in between. Players can find a huge variety of monsters and enemies outside of town in large unrestricted areas. Many quests do, however, teleport players around so there isn’t that much running to do, which is good for a mobile MMORPG. Every now and then players get to fly to new areas via an automated flight system which allows players to observe the well-crafted world rather than simply teleporting into the next area.

Impressive Graphics

The graphics in Forsaken World Mobile are quite impressive. They are certainly not as good as the PC version of Forsaken World and still not on par with most PC MMORPGs in general, but mobile gaming-wise, Forsaken World Mobile looks great and is one of the better looking mobile MMORPGs. The game is very bright and colorful, the wilderness is full of trees, foliage, and monsters, and the towns are full of buildings, NPCs, and objects, such that no area ever looks barren. The textures look great from a distance although they do look a little blurry and bland close up. Due to the high playerbase, each area is also very lively. Skills are very flashy and environments, monsters, NPCs, and equipment are all varied in appearance and well designed. Flying from town to town allows players to see just how much work has gone into this world. Players can zoom in and out by pinching the screen and pan the camera with two fingers to observe the fully 3D world.

Point-and-Click and Action Combat

Forsaken World Mobile’s combat system is both point-and-click and action-oriented. Players can move by tapping the ground or with a virtual joystick and have attack and skill buttons on the right side of their screen similar to most mobile action RPGs. Although players attack by pressing the attack button, it doesn’t exactly feel like an action RPG due to the fact that the attack animations last longer than it takes to press the attack button and it feels more like an auto-attack feature. There also isn’t any way of dodging attacks. Pressing the skill icon activates skills and generally it feels like a mix of action and point-and-click. Enemies tend to die relatively quick in this game, which gives it a more action feel. The combat and controls aren’t very complicated and it does work well for a MMORPG. Occasionally, players can transform into animals such as wolves that provide a new set of attacks and skills which is a very unique and interesting feature. It is also possible to move around while attacking which is useful for gathering mobs and unleashing AOE abilities, or to keep a distance for ranged classes.

Questing and Story

Questing in Forsaken World Mobile is very traditional and reminiscent of “themepark” PC MMORPGs. Players start off with a main quest that pretty much holds the their hand throughout the entire game as it leads them from one quest to another. Unlike MMORPGs that are loaded with side-quests, Forsaken World Mobile has one big main quest (although there are some side-quests) that gradually leads players toward endgame (max level). Leveling is very fast in this game and the questing is very generic and involves killing a certain number of monsters or a boss, gathering materials, or clearing a dungeon. It feels like most of the game is talking to NPCs, killing some monsters, talking to another NPC, killing more monsters, and repeat.

All-the-while, there is a storyline that attempts to break the mold, but it isn’t very interesting in my opinion. Quest dialogue is written in traditional “walls of text” with some occasional pop-up dialogue between your character and important, story-related NPCs. This dialogue is slightly more interesting to read than regular quest dialogue due to its more conversational nature, although the game does have some translation problems and there are spelling and grammar mistakes every now and then. Essentially, players take the role of a chosen hero by fate to save the world and there is a mysterious evil woman who constantly complains about the player ruining her plans and sends assassins after the player without end. The story is decent enough for a mobile MMORPG but is fairly generic and leaves something to be desired.

A Game That Plays Itself

The biggest setback of Forsaken World Mobile is that the game feels very automated. Similar to PWE’s other mobile MMORPG, Dawn of the Immortals, Forsaken World Mobile has an auto-move feature which is a very convenient and beginner-friendly feature that allows players to automatically move to quest NPCs and objectives. However, PWE decided to go one step further in Forsaken World Mobile by adding an auto-attack feature which they named fittingly, “Botting.” When players activate the “Botting” button, their characters will automatically kill nearby monsters on their own until it is inactivated. There are even “Botting” settings players can set such as when to use potions and whether to use AOE skills or not. It is, of course, not necessary to use the auto-move or auto-attack features but players who want to level up quickly probably will. In the end, Forsaken World feels very automated compared to most other MMORPGs. These convenience options ultimately lead to “auto-move to quest, auto-attack, auto-move to quest, auto-attack” and repeat. In order to simplify the game for mobile, PWE, unfortunately, made the gameplay too casual and automated that will turn off a lot of players.

Other Features

In addition to general questing and traditional gameplay, Forsaken World Mobile has a couple of neat, additional features. The game has an auction house system that allows players to put up items and equipment for others to buy, creating an easy-to-use and streamlined trading system. Players can enhance their weapons and armor with an in-depth equipment upgrade system which allows players to enhance, polish, gem embed, recharge, and transfer their equipment. There is a unique Faerie/Dreamscape menu where players can collect Artifacts that provide elemental resistance, send flowers to friends, receive blessings (buffs), and collect gold every so often. There are also many instanced dungeons with four difficulties (Normal, Hard, Heroic, and Hell) that give out rare equipment, gold, and experience. Players are encouraged to party with others for these dungeons which leads cooperative party play. There is also team-based, capture the flag-style PVP starting at lvl 30 that players can participate in 10 times a day, which offers fun competitive play and level experience and Battle Meric, which can be exchanged for items and equipment. Players can also train and ride various mounts starting at lvl 35. The mount system is actually quite in-depth in that training mounts with Cultivation and Evolution Stones (found in the Cash Shop or dungeons) can change their appearance and boost players’ attributes.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)

Forsaken World Mobile has a variety of In-App Purchases that are not necessary in progression and reaching endgame but can offer useful advantages and cosmetics. With cash currency, players can purchase mount packs, mount enhancement items, equipment enhancement material, instant revival scrolls, items that speed up dungeons such as Time Seeds and Feathers of Time, a variety of different Gems for embedding equipment, Fashion (cosmetic costumes), VIP membership, and other minor items such as town return scrolls. Unlike most MMORPGs, there is no equipment in the Cash Shop but the enhancement items and Gems can help upgrade and strengthen equipment. Enhancement items can be obtained in-game for free, but they require time to farm. The VIP memberships give bonuses such as free items every week, portable auction, skill learning, and storage services, and more dungeon and PVP runs per day. There are various levels of VIP, from 1 to 15 and higher VIP levels provide better bonuses. Overall Forsaken World Mobile is not very cash-dependent but spending money will give special bonuses that reduce farming/grinding time and special advantages in mounts, equipment upgrades, and PVP.

Final Verdict – Great

Forsaken World Mobile was a highly anticipated game with a big name to live up to but despite some minor setbacks, it still manages to provide a fun overall experience. Although the game feels very automated, the great graphics, huge open world, streamlined gameplay, and many unique features make it a top contender in the world of mobile MMORPGs and offers plenty of content to keep players busy for a long time.


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System Requirements

Forsaken World Mobile System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0 and later, iOS 6.0 or later


Forsaken World Mobile Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Information

Forsaken World Mobile Additional Information

Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
Publisher: Fedeen Games

Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: July 23, 2015

Shut Down Date: July 31, 2018

Forsaken World Mobile was developed by Perfect World Entertainment, a China-based game developer and publisher that has produced many popular PC MMORPGs such as Perfect World Online, Forsaken World, and Jade Dynasty, and was published by Fedeen Games, a mobile game publisher owned by Perfect World Entertainment. Forsaken World Mobile is Perfect World Entertainment’s second mobile MMORPG and is based on their PC MMORPG, Forsaken World, which came out in December 2012. Fedeen Games also published Elemental Kingdoms, a mobile card-based RPG, and Dawn of the Immortals, another mobile MMORPG, both of which have over 1 million downloads on Google Play. Forsaken World Mobile shut down on July 31, 2018.