The Weekly Raid: Is Bless Cursed?

Few MMORPGs have had as rough a time as Neowiz's Bless Online. Despite a development budget of over $60 million, making it one of the most expensive MMORPGs ever, the game suffered a series of server mergers in its home market leaving it with a single Korean server.

But its not just in the home front that Bless is reeling. Just last month the Russian version of the game shut down. The Russian publisher claimed the game was unfinished and needed revision before they could rehost it.

The Russian closure had the knock on effect of preventing many American and European players from easily accessing Bless. We here at MMOs used the Russian servers for our first and second GrindFest Friday streams.

But all hope was not lost. There was still the NA/EU release promised by Aeria Games / Gamigo. While we had very little in the way of communication from the publishers, we were promised that work on the revised version with more action oriented combat was still under development.

Even that last faint glimmer of hope is now uncertain. An unconfirmed source has leaked news that the publishing agreement between Gamigo (which owns Aeria) and Neowiz has been canceled. So it that it? Is the Bless project just cursed? The one green shoot left Japan. A closed beta there went live recently and includes a few changes. An autopathing featuer along with the removal of skill books are among the changes. Will the Japanese version be long rumored 'revised' version we've been promised? Only (more) time will tell...

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  • Still excited to play it if it ever happens, but i think the odds of it ever coming out decreased if the news of aeria cancelling the publisher agreement happens to be true

  • Augosyx

    In my opinion, they should've given themselves an ample bit of time before releasing the game, polishing to their hearts' content till they finally satisfied with the product and give it to the players. Now with Korea's server merges and Russia's temporary closing, they probably need to sort everything as soon as possible.

    As for Aeria's case, hopefully they will not be the one to publish it, They've been shutting down games one after another; should Bless received less feedback, who knows if they can still keep the game but I still want a Western release to happen.

  • Juri Koponen

    Bless Online is not coming to the West according to Gamigo. That's a shame...I was looking forward to playing this.