Moonlight Blade Shows Off Their Charming New Loli Character

moonlight blade loli

While undeniably cute and adorable, sexualized pre-pubescent characters have always been a controversial subject in the West. Lolis, however, seem to have a cult-following in the East. This is probably why Asian MMORPG Moonlight Blade decided to release a stream of videos over the weekend starring their upcoming child-like character. Check out the videos below courtesy of Steparu. Enjoy!

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Grindfest Friday: Moonlight Blade

Watch the discover their inner drunken fists martial arts spirit potential in the wuxia MMORPG Moonlight Blade. Find out if Moonlight Blade is worth installing, LIVE on Twitch. Where: When: That depends on where you live: 7PM EST 4PM PST If you can't make it you can always watch on the YouTube channel once its uploaded. Watch live [...]

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Moonlight Blade Gameplay First Look

Moonlight Blade Gameplay First Look by Omer Moonlight Blade is a free to play Wuxia MMORPG developed and published by Tencent games with action oriented combat. It was originally released in China back in 2015 and features a large persistent open world. The video above was recorded on the Chinese version of the game which can be accessed by anyone who [...]

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Moonlight Blade Gameplay - Grindfest Friday

Moonlight Blade Grindfest Friday with the Crew Moonlight Blade is a free to play Wuxia action MMORPG developed and published by Tencent (QQ Games). It's currently only available in China, but a Western release has been announced (but likely far off. Think 2018). Moonlight Blade features combat similar to games like Revelation Online and Blade and Soul. In the [...]

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How To Install and Play Moonlight Blade

Updated As Of January 15, 2017 Tencent Game’s wuxia MMORPG Moonlight Blade is coming Westward, someday. If you can't wait you can play on the Chinese servers, but installing the non-English game can be a daunting task. In a previous guide I explained how to make a QQ account, a requirement for all China-based games. Now that you should, hopefully, [...]

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Moonlight Blade Is Coming To The West

Moonlight Blade has become notable within the MMORPG community for looking great and having a distinctly wuxia vibe about it. Tencent's current generation MMORPG simply looks stunning at times and is one of a few free-to-play games that remains rather faithful to its setting. But it's yet to be available in English. Not so much as an English patch has [...]

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