Soviet Cruisers Arrive In World Of Warships

Wargaming announced today that the Soviet tech tree has been introduced in World of Warships, bringing with it nine Soviet cruisers. The nine cruisers introduced are as follows. Tier II Russian cruiser Novik Tier III Russian cruiser Bogatyr Tier IV Russian cruiser Svetlana Tier V Russian cruiser Kirov Tier VI Russian cruiser Budyonny Tier VII Russian cruiser Schors Tier VIII Russian cruiser Chapaev Tier IX Russian [...]

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World Of Warships Gets New German And Soviet Ships In Time For Rise Of The Phantom Fortress

After having been previously announced late last month, the Soviet Tech Tree is now available for use. The Izyaslav, Gnevny, and Tashkent headline the new tree. The Soviet ships are intended to be the "sharpshooters of the sea." They have an unyielding combination of good accuracy and high firepower. Their destroyers are said to be fast, as well as featuring [...]

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World of Warships Gets German Tech Tree In October

Announced at gamescom, World of Warships will soon be getting German ships. These new additions, "led by" the Bismarck and Tripitz, as well as the Dresden and Admiral Hipper, will be making their way into the game in October. These ships will boast "remarkable endurance," giving them high levels of survivability, especially at higher tiers. They are also said to [...]

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