Amazon Game Studios Shares Some Stats From Breakaway's Alpha


As has become somewhat of a tradition at this point, Amazon Game Studios has decided to share some stats from Breakaway's recent public Alpha. They're not the most impressive test stats of recent times, but the Alpha was only open for a weekend and there are quite a few oddly specific stats included.

Amazon Game Studios opted to leave out an exact number of players, instead stating only that "thousands of players" had taken part. Those thousands of players played a total of 9,375 matches; took part in 34,106 rounds, an overwhelming 78.44% of which were ended by goals being scored; and played for a total of 486,076 minutes. If we divide time played by matches played, we get an average of approximately 51.8 minutes per match, a time that is far longer than any match I took part in that weekend, leading me to believe that the stat includes time spent outside of matches, as well.

The stats also include the percentage of times that each character was picked during the Alpha, Spartacus having been picked the most and Thorgrim having been picked the least, as well as each character's win rate, all of which are unsurprisingly around 50%. The deadliest hero was Spartacus, the "top relic scorer" was Alona, and the hero that caused the most fumbles was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Rawlins.

You can find the full infographic embedded below.