There Is A Secret Breakaway Tech Alpha Test Going On Right Now

Remember how Breakaway is returning on June 15th for more Alpha playtest weekends? Well, it seems that, before it opens the floodgates again, Amazon Game Studios wants to make sure that the game is in working order. According to an anonymous source who provided the image below, an Alpha playtest is live right now and is set to run until May 15th.

This weekend's Alpha playtest is confidential and participants seem to have been chosen at random from those who took part in December's playtest. It's being called a "Tech Alpha," so I imagine that it is being held exclusively to ensure that everything still works. It's said that the company made a number of changes following December's Alpha playtest weekend and I'm sure that those changes need testing.

Despite the confidentiality, perhaps someone will divulge the changes that were made to the game. We here at felt that the previous Alpha had too many moving parts that were hard to keep up with, but also felt at times that many of those parts had little effect on the game. I can only hope that Amazon Game Studios has put some effort into streamlining the game.