Last Oasis Is Now Back In Business After A Week Offlline

last oasis walker group bannerIt’s time to hop back into your walkers and brave the scorching deserts of Last Oasis as the game goes back offline after a week-long hiatus. The developers were forced to temporarily take the game offline last Monday while they worked on a fix for numerous server issues that popped up on launch day.

Developer Donkey Crew ran a stress test last Saturday to make sure that everything’s fixed and it’s all systems go for the post-apocalyptic survival MMORPG. Apparently, the massive flood of players kept causing the servers to crash, at which point the master server would restart only to crash again as thousands of people tried to log back in at the same time.

“Our systems were essentially stuck in a loop with multiple issues affecting each other. As all the servers were shutting down and restarting, over 20k people were trying to rejoin at the same time, leading to our queue system failing, which then kept overloading the master server, letting only a few people to join a time until the master server would shut off again and take all servers down with it. And the cycle would continue.”

Last Oasis is now live and will be receiving a content patch next week which will allow players to change their character’s name and appearance. The developers also plan to rework the character deletion feature soon. Head over to the Last Oasis Steam News Page for more info.