Lost Tale Launches In Korea With Altered Sprites


When it was originally announced that The Tale of Lost City would be launching in Korea as "Lost Tale," we were all a bit confused. A Korean publisher had taken the project on despite the fact that it had some art assets that appeared to be lifted directly from Tree of Savior. "How is that going to work out?" we wondered.

Well, it turns out that Lost Tale wasn't destined to launch in Korea in unaltered form. The game went live in Korea yesterday and it seems that publisher NEXTMOVE perhaps wisely requested that the developers replace the offending assets. Steparu has already recorded a video of the Korean version with the new assets in place, which you can find embedded below.

With Tree of Savior Mobile Remake just around the proverbial corner, it's hard to imagine that Lost Tale will take off in Korea. That being said, perhaps it will benefit from some of the hype surrounding Tree of Savior Mobile Remake in the time leading up to its release.

If you are interested in checking out the Korean version of Lost Tale, you can download it from Google Play, granted you have a Korean Google Play account. The official website can be found here. Unfortunately, Qoo App does not yet have Lost Tale listed, but it does have The Tale of Lost City listed here, should you want to play the Chinese version of the game instead.

Thanks to Milk for the tip.