Strike of Kings Aiming for September Launch in the U.S.

Strike of Kings, known as King of Glory in China, is aiming to launch in the United States sometime in September according to my sources. The Tencent developed game is already available in Turkey but hasn't been released elsewhere just yet. The 5v5 MOBA has been a SMASH hit in China so far and is actually more popular than League of Legends, which is the most popular PC game in the world. Tencent reported the game gets about 70 million daily active users and estimates peg the game's monthly revenue at $400M+. Despite not being a huge mobile game player, I actually really enjoyed playing the Chinese version of the game and am looking forward to playing the official English version in September.

  • Yuujin

    I wonder how well this will do here, heck league might/could even advertise this which would give it a lot more attention.
    I'm looking forward to trying this, I enjoyed Vain Glory on mobile, MOBA's surprisingly work really well on phones.

  • I bought a Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet just to play mobile games, and this moba is on my list of games I'm looking forward to.

  • DucturTunma

    read only until the word mobile and lost any interest.

    • Doogz

      so narrow minded...