The Weekly Raid: The Second Coming Of The Bots

Bots have been an issue in MMOs since the very beginning. Early MMORPG developers were constantly frustrated by players employing botting programs to farm resources are quickly speed through content. Often the same people using these botting programs were RMTers who were making a buck while destroying fragile in-game economies. Even the biggest titles like World of Warcraft never found [...]

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E-Win Hero Series Gaming Chair Review

Product Information: Manufacturer: EwinRacing Product: Hero Series Purchase Price: $359 (15% off with coupon code MMOS) *Note: This product was provided by E-Win for review purposes. Introduction The market for high end gaming peripherals has been booming for several years now. The trend started with mechanical keyboards which provide both tactile feedback and a variety of switch types to suit [...]

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The Weekly Raid: Riot's Riotous Week

riot games hq

Its not easy being king. League of Legends, and the studio behind the hit MOBA, Riot Games have been a major leading force in the gaming industry for years. This week, the legendary studio finds itself under assault. One broadside against Riot Games is a lengthy investigative piece by Kotaku alleging rampant sexism at the studio's offices across the world. [...]

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