The Weekly Raid: What Are Your Thoughts On E3 2018?

While E3 official starts today and runs until June 14, all of the major studios have already held their press conferences. There were few surprises, no new consoles were announced afterall. But we did get a few controversial morsels. Perhaps the most contentious announcement was that the previous announced Fallout 76 would be online-only and contain no singleplayer mode or [...]

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The Weekly Raid: Is Temtem The Pokemon MMORPG We've All Been Waiting For?

On May 29, 2018 a new MMO project launched its Kickstarter campaign and quickly shot past its modest $70,000 funding goal. While most MMO Kickstarter campaigns promise a litany of ground breaking features, Temtem stood out for a different reason. Crema, the Madrid, Spain based studio behind Temtem, is developing an unapologetic Pokemon clone with MMORPG elements. The Steam page, [...]

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Zen And The Art of Terraria

As I considered entering a silent retreat to find Zen among cacti and burnt out hippies, a digital monastery rose out of my Steam library. I could find my center from the comfort of a chair designed for 250 and up. What was it? A game. Not just any game. But the kind of game that dances in dreams, tantalizes [...]

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