Breakaway Returns For More Alpha Playtest Weekends On June 15th

You remember Breakaway, don't you? Amazon Game Studios' debut MOBA title that is shaking up the genre by introducing various sports elements? It had its first Alpha playtest weekend last December? Yeah, that one. Amazon Game Studios announced recently that it will be returning on June 15th for more Alpha playtest weekends, with an "s."

You may recall that many of us here at weren't entirely fond of Breakaway at the time. The gameplay had too many moving parts, making it hard to truly adapt to, and movement could feel sluggish at times, which may or may not have been due to the game utilizing server-side movement handling.

That being said, it will have been six months since we last played the game by the time that we're able to play it again. In that time, Amazon Game Studios could have made a number of changes to the game that ultimately provide a better experience.

If you're interested in taking part, you can still sign up for the upcoming Alpha playtest weekends here. Anyone who signed up prior to May 4th will automatically get in, whereas it is unknown at this time whether anyone who signed up after will end up receiving an invite.