Chronicles Of Elyria Lawsuit Defendants Deciding If They Should Challenge The Complaint

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The legal proceedings in the class-action lawsuit against Chronicles of Elyria developer Soulbound Studios and third-party payment processor Xsolla are moving forward following the official filing of the complaint back in February. According to the lawsuit’s Discord, the defendants are now in the process of deciding whether or not they should challenge the complaint based on various legal grounds.

“This is an extremely common practice in litigation and will lead to our firm filing an amended complaint or the court denying Defendants’ challenges,” assured the complainants’ lawyers. “Meanwhile, our firm is looking for a California resident who is interested in becoming a class representative for this class action as well.”

The lawsuit was filed in the Central District Court of California, seeking damages for alleged breach of contract, violation of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, and unfair competition after an announcement came out that Soulbound Studios was closing, that all the staff had been fired, and that development on the game had been ceased due to lack of funds.

The studio’s founder and CEO, Jeromy Walsh, later backtracked on his announcement saying that he was still working on the game together with a team of volunteers. He has been releasing regular dev updates since the start of the year. Walsh also announced that the studio is currently working on a standalone strategy game called Kingdoms of Elyria alongside the original game.

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