NFT Group Petitions Valve To Allow Blockchain Games Back On Steam

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A group of NFT advocacy groups and developers, including Enjin and a digital rights-oriented non-profit organization called Fight for the Future, is appealing to Valve to allow blockchain and NFT games back on Steam following the company’s decision to remove the said games from the platform earlier this month. “Valve is recognized for their willingness to experiment and innovate, not [...]

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Sulake To Release 12,500 Unique Habbo Hotel NFT Avatars

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Habbo Hotel developer Sulake is dipping its toes into the blockchain pond with plans to release 12,500 unique pixel art NFT avatars for the social MMO. The avatars will be randomly-generated and can be bought individually by players, fans, and digital collectors, with 1,000 avatars reserved exclusively for the Habbo Hotel community. “The technology behind the NFTs provides tremendous security, [...]

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