MapleStory 2 Head Honcho Looks Back At 2018, New Expansion Planned For Summer 2019

maplestory 2 soulbinderMapleStory 2 is closing out 2018 strong with a highly-successful October launch and the Skybound expansion release just a few weeks ago. The head honcho himself, Nexon America Head Jungsoo Lee, looks back at the past year and shares their plans for the beloved fantasy MMORPG in a recently published producer’s blog.

“Both the development studio and MapleStory 2 team at Nexon have worked non-stop for the last year to launch and update the game. [. . .] This journey has been very exciting, but when we look back, we see that we’ve learned a few things about what we could have done better, or wish we had done differently.”

According to Lee, one of the things they’ve learned is to be more thorough. He admits that they were more focused on speed, working to quickly release changes and fixes which later turned out to only be “Band-aid” solutions with unexpected side effects. “Thus, going forward our philosophy will be to take more time to thoroughly review our options and come up with better solutions.”

Lee also assured the MapleStory 2 community that they’re listening to their feedback and are constantly working to improve the game, especially when it comes to the “random aspect of progression combined with the content cap”. “We are not guaranteeing any action at this time, meaning this blog is not meant to say we are removing random aspect or removing the content cap,” says Lee. “However we want to share with everyone that we understand this feedback, and we are discussing different ideas to ensure players are always making progress when they invest time into the game.”

As for the future of the game, Lee says that they plan to add more content and update existing features. According to him, “We have a massive update plan in the works, but we are also checking to see where we can make adjustments to content already in the game. We want to focus on key improvements that provide a better you with a better experience.” Future plans for the game include an early January update, events to help boost player progression, and an expansion planned for summer 2019.

In the more immediate future, the devs will be giving away holiday bonus packages to level 50 players and above starting after this week’s maintenance and running until December 31st. The gift pack will include a Full Epic Set, Enchanting items, Gemstones, and Bonus Attribute items. During the event, Accessory Fusion costs will also be reduced by half for Epic and Exceptional accessories.

Check out the MapleStory 2 official site to learn more. You can also catch the Sky Fortress Ascension animated clip below if you haven't done so already. You'll find it right after the jump.