MapleStory 2 Officially Launches - Boasts Over 24k Concurrent Users On Steam

The highly anticipated sequel to one of Nexon's most successful games, MapleStory, is finally here. MapleStory 2 launched today as a free to play game both on Steam and the Nexon launcher after being available for early access founders since October 1st. According to SteamCharts, the game hit a peak concurrent playerbase of over 24,000 users on Steam alone, which is impressive for a game available off-Steam as well.

I've personally already played a bit of MapleStory 2 on the Korean server as well as both closed beta periods and I'm optimistic about its chances to succeed in the West. As-is, it's already off to an incredibly strong start. The game's focus on stuff to do outside of core gameplay mechanics, like housing, mini games, crafting, customization, music, and more will help differentiate it amongst a sea of countless MMOs. If you haven't tried this one yet - give it a try.