MapleStory 2 To Introduce New Currency Exchange System And Other Economic Improvements

maplestory 2 meso marketBig changes are afoot in MapleStory 2 as part of the Project New Leaf update, the first part of which rolled out just last week. Nexon is now working on improving the in-game economy with a new currency exchange called the Meso Market. The Meso Market will give low-level players a chance to earn a few extra Mesos and veterans extra Merets that they can use to buy cosmetic items.

Players will be able to access the Meso Market through the Black Market UI. Once in the Meso Market, they can then create a listing for 5 million Mesos, setting a price within 20% of the current average with no transaction fees. A buyer then goes to the Buy Merets menu to purchase Meso Tokens which have the same value as Blue Merets. The buyer then goes to the Meso Market and purchases the 5 million Mesos for the listed price using Meso Tokens. The seller then gets Blue Merets in return for his Mesos.

There are of course a few restrictions in place to prevent abuse and preserve the game’s balance. Sellers will be able to create a maximum of five listings per day while buyers will be able to purchase a maximum of 4 listings per month. That’s a total of 20 million Mesos per month. Also, since Meso Tokens can only be purchased using NX Prepaid, buyers will only be limited to Nexon Launcher players. Nexon explains:

“We do understand that those who have Blue Merets or play on Steam may feel left out, as this new currency can only be purchased with NX Prepaid. After careful review, we want to credit these players with Blue Merets instead of Red Merets, and in order to do this, we had to take steps to ensure that this system is as secure as possible against fraudulent activities and other illicit activities by bad actors.”

The new Meso Market rolls out on March 28th as part of the Economy Improvements Update. The update also brings with it Meso Sink reductions and changes to Epic Pets.

Meanwhile, Nexon is continuing their efforts to clean up the game, slapping botters with permanent bans and illegal Meso buyers with 15-day bans. Head over to the MapleStory 2 official site to learn more.