MapleStory 2 Website Is Up And Running, Closed Beta Sign-Ups Now Open

maplestory 2 character classesI know we’re all excited as MapleStory 2 excruciatingly inches towards its Western release. Well, here’s a bit of news that will get you hyped up even more for launch day.

The MapleStory 2 official website is now live and is now accepting applications for the game’s closed beta test. Closed Beta is scheduled to start on May 9th and Nexon has whole lineup of activities and rewards lined up in their “Road Trip to Closed Beta” event.

“Maple World is just that: a world. Cities, volcanoes, fields, jungles and more, the full array of MapleStory 2's environments, dungeons and battlefields will allow you to see the colorful expanse of MapleStory in a whole new way!”

Check out the official announce trailer after the jump.