Supercell: "2016 Was Our Best Year So Far"


Despite 2016 being a year of flat growth, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen told reporters that 2016 is the company's "best year so far." I think I would be happy too if my stagnation meant only reeling in $2.3 billion.

But Supercell raked in $1 billion before taxes, up from $897 million from the previous year. I'm sure Tencent is pleased.

Supercell faced stiff competition from the likes of Pokémon GO, but managed to successfully launch Clash RoyaleAccording to GamesBeat, Paananen said in a statement:

2016 was our best year so far. We released our fourth game, Clash Royale, which has been really successful so far – topping the charts in 131 countries right away and has now spent a total of 130 days at number one in the U.S. To do this in the most competitive environment for mobile games ever, with over 750 new games released every day on average, is a fantastic achievement.

Just as importantly, our three existing games continued to thrive – each of them has not only reached the top 10, but stayed there for a long time. It has been incredible to see how our games have become part of peoples’ lives this way, we have millions of players all over the world who have played our games for years. That has always been the long-term vision of Supercell, to be the best place in the world for the best teams to produce games that people want to play for years and years.

As I said last year, and I’m pleased to report again, what makes me proud is that we’ve managed to stay as a small company despite this success. At the end of 2016, we were 213 people in total in our five offices across the world.

But the most exciting news is that today I learned Supercell has a webseries set in the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale universe. Not what I expected. You can watch the cartoon below.