The Weekly Raid: Do You Still Have Faith In Crowd Funded MMORPGs?

With 2017 coming to a close, we're left still waiting for the majority of MMORPGs that have been crowd funded over the past few years. Just last month, Crowfall announced they would miss their 2017 soft launch window. Shroud of the Avatar is still awaiting release, despite having an estimated release date of 2017.

Camelot Unchained, Chronicles of Elyria, Dual Universe, and Ashes of Creation are still chugging along in development. Some have been in development for only a year or so and get a pass, but others are perennial laggards. Perhaps the worst offender is Star Citizen. Originally funded via Kickstarter back in 2012, Star Citizen still has no firm release date, and even the announced update schedule is often delayed.

Star Citizen continues to raise additional funding and the current total stands at $172,794,021. A recent spike in funding was due to the listing of land deed for sale. Players can now purchase tools with which to claim land on various moons and planets scattered across the Star Citizen universe. This has raised eyebrows across the gaming community, but my main question is whether people still have faith in these particular games or the funding model in general. Share your thoughts below!

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  • Preciel

    nope i lost hope in crowd funded / kickstarter campaigns.. they either run off with the money or disappear (same thing) then come back with a slightly different game to milk off players again rinse & repeat

  • That video on Kickstarter projects captures my feelings about crowd funded MMOs perfectly.

  • chosenxeno

    No. People nkeep trying to use them to make MMOs from 1999 that will obviously fail.

  • Vlad

    You should change the box in the header picture of this article with a fire.

    This is how i feel about crowd funded games...

  • TianlanSha

    Short answer: No.

  • Yuujin

    No, they always promise more than what they can deliver and turns into a mess, definately no hope for crowdfunded games.

  • Zeme

    Shroud of the Avatar is doing great.