Defiance 2050 Gameplay First Look

Defiance 2050 First Look Defiance 2050 is a free to play sci-fi MMORPG developed and published by Trion Worlds. It's a remake of the 2013 MMORPG Defiance with new and improved graphics, gameplay systems, and a new business model (fully free to play). It's a bit like The Secret World relaunching as Secret World Legends. While veterans from the old [...]

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New Defiance Faction Offers New Loot Boxes

defiance ex inanis

A new faction has arrived in Defiance and they’re ready to lend a helping hand to the brave citizens of the New Frontier. The “Ex Inanis” are a faction of the strange beings known as the Gulanee whose bodies are composed of energy-producing gases. “A mysterious faction of the Gulanee calling themselves “Ex Inanis” have appeared and seek a new [...]

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Defiance Gets An Auction House Called The Exchange

Trion Worlds announced today that it has introduced the most substantial update to Defiance's economy since launch. Dubbed The Exchange, the update's largest new addition is essentially an auction house with a fancy name. It features a set of functions that allow players to filter and search easily, as any good auction house should. The Exchange is described as follows. [...]

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Steam Winter Sale: Sales On MMOs

Valve may have single-handedly ruined the concept of Steam sales by removing daily and flash sales, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a ton of games and their DLC at great prices. Today, we have a gigantic list of all the great sales going on in the MMO genre. Buy-To-Play and Subscription MMORPGs The Black Watchmen Season One is [...]

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