Wargaming Is Rumored To Be Working On A New Multiplayer FPS Called Shatterline

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World of Tanks and World of Warships developer Wargaming is reportedly working on a new first-person shooter called Shatterline. The game is currently in alpha testing and will feature 8v8 multiplayer matches with cross-platform support, eight colorful characters, and a cartoony art style. It also apparently runs on Amazon Game Studios’ Lumberyard engine, the same game engine used in New [...]

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SEGA And Wargaming Partner Together, New Publishing Label "Wargaming Alliance" Created

In a move that I certainly didn't expect to be writing about today, Creative Assembly, SEGA, and Wargaming announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership and a new publishing label, "Wargaming Alliance," has been created. The label has been created in order to "[provide] third-party publishers and developers the tools, resources and platform to enter the highly competitive free-to-play gaming [...]

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Steven Seagal Joins The World of Warships Team

World of Warships developer, Wargaming, has brought on a personal Heroic Battle advisor to help bring the game into epicness. Who better to fill the role than someone who’s already epic in their own right, no other than Hollywood actor and martial artist, Steven Seagal. According to the studio, Seagal will be working closely with the development studio and scrutinizing [...]

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Wargaming Forms Mobile Division WG Cells

Following the success of World of Tanks Blitz, Wargaming have decided to form a mobile division that they are calling WG Cells. This new division will be led by Marat Karpeko, a "Wargaming management team veteran," and David Bluhm, the former CEO of DropForge Games. WG Cells currently has studios in Kyiv and Seattle—the latter is being headed by Bluhm—with [...]

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World of Warplanes


World of Warplanes is a flight combat MMO putting players in the pilot's seat of early twentieth century aircraft. Featuring over 100 vehicles from the world’s major powers, players battle for air supremacy while upgrading equipment through advanced tech trees. Publisher: Wargaming Playerbase: Low Type: Flight Combat MMO Release Date: November 12, 2013 Pros: +Fast-paced aerial combat. +Over 100 vehicles. +Intricate tech tree Cons: -Poor matchmaking. [...]

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