Shroud of the Avatar Is Getting A Visual Makeover, Hosts Shooter Jenning Album Release Party

shroud of the avatar visual upgrade

Notice anything different in Shroud of the Avatar this week? No? Well, Lord British’s fantasy MMORPG has just gotten a visual makeover with Release 56. Additional improvements are scheduled to roll out with Release 57 in August. “We have started overhauling some of our global systems to dramatically improve the visual quality throughout the game. The main focus is on [...]

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Shroud Of The Avatar Talks About Comets, Dungeon Creation Tools, And R55 Livestream Part 2

shroud of the avatar comet r55

What is it with comets and video games? First it’s Fortnite, now the thing shows up high above the New Britannia skyline in Shroud of the Avatar. The good news is it doesn’t look like it’s aimed at antything… yet. The bad news is that it's mutated New Brittania's powerful monsters into even more powerful versions. “Astronomers across New Britannia [...]

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Shroud Of The Avatar Has Officially Launched

shroud of the avatar artifice entrance

After nearly four years in Early Access, Lord British’s medieval fantasy MMORPG Shroud of the Avatar has officially launched. The spiritual successor to Ultima Online is the flagship game of Texas-based studio Portalarium, co-founded by Lord British himself, in collaboration with Black Sun Game Publishing and Travian Games. “As an online fantasy multiplayer RPG, Shroud of the Avatar blends together [...]

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Shroud of the Avatar Officially Launching on March 27th

shroud of the avatar solace bridge

Richard Gariott's Crowdfunded MMORPG Shroud of the Avatar is officially launching on March 27th, 2018. It's been a long and tiring journey for Shroud of the Avatar (Original Kickstart was March, 2013), but the Ultima Online esque MMORPG is finally happening. The launch is coinciding with release #52 which introduces a lot of changes to the game including framerate improvements, [...]

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